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Your Summer Guide to Linen Clothing

Your Summer Guide to Linen Clothing

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As a Miami native, I know a thing or two about how to dress for warm (okay, hot) weather while still looking fashionable. My secret is linen clothing.

The best linen for summer doesn’t just look stylish, it helps keep you cool when it’s hot outside. It’s a must for sunny summer vacations, outdoor events like concerts and happy hours, and even for wearing to the office. So it’s a great thing that there’s linen clothing in every silhouette you can imagine for any occasion, including tailored shorts, classic button downs, sun dresses, and flowy pants.

Why is linen good for summer?

Apart from the fact that it’s so timeless, the real reason why linen is the best summer fabric is that it keeps you cool and dry. Since it’s breathable and lightweight, linen allows air to circulate easily, making the most of every fresh summer breeze.

Additionally, linen is known to be moisture-wicking, which means that it can pull sweat away from the body so that it can be quickly evaporated.

How to style linen outfits?

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a head-to-toe linen outfit. It’s just so chic!

If you want a more subtle look, you can pair some linen pants with a simple T-shirt and white sneakers or a linen top with some denim cutoffs and cute sandals. For something a bit more elevated, opt for a linen dress and some heels.

While linen clothing is typically associated with a white and beige color scheme, you don’t have to stick to light neutral hues. You can find linen in bright pastels, patterns, and bold floral prints.

Essentially, if you want to stay as cool and dry as possible this summer, consider linen clothing a summer wardrobe must-have.

And to make it easy, we’ve rounded up our favorite linen pieces below.

Keep reading for a list of the best linen clothing to wear this summer! 


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