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Why Many Game of Thrones Projects Have Been Shelved

The HBO Max shakeups have made their way to Westeros. 

George R.R. Martin, whose A Song of Ice and Fire novels were adapted into Game of Thrones, explained in a recent blog post how the restructuring at Time Warner Discovery has affected the development of the HBO hit’s spinoffs.

As he shared in his Dec. 28 post, a couple of the Game of Thrones spinoffs “have been shelved.” George added, “All the changes at HBO Max have impacted us, certainly.”

But as the writer, whose Westeros-set novel Fire & Blood is the basis for Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon, noted, the halting of ideas doesn’t necessarily spell out a spinoff red wedding.

George continued, “Some of those are moving faster than others, as is always the case with development,” George said. “None have been greenlit yet, though we are hoping… maybe soon. A couple have been shelved, but I would not agree that they are dead. You can take something off the shelf as easily as you can put it on the shelf.”

But fans can rest assured that there’s still hope. He also mentioned he “would not agree that they are dead.”

Among the several Game of Thrones spinoffs confirmed since the Emmy-winning series concluded in 2019 is a Jon Snow-centered series featuring Kit Harington reprising his role as the titular, brooding Night’s Watch commander. Others include a Tales of Dunk and Egg series based on George’s novellas, prequels Ten Thousand Ships and The Sea Snake, and animated series The Golden Empire.


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