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What Shubham Goel Wants to Take From Joey Sasso’s Circle Game

Advice from your #CircleBro? Circle, send a fire emoji.

Shubham Goel and Joey Sasso made a name for themselves when they became best friends in the first season of Netflix’s The Circle, with Joey ultimately nabbing top spot (and the coveted $100k prize that comes with it). Now, Shubham has re-entered the competition series—this time as a catfish—for another shot at the crown and is revealing what he’s picked up from his BFF’s game.

“What I really liked about the first time is that Joey was able to connect with different people on different fronts, so I tried to do that as well,” the software engineer exclusively told E! News. “Joey was always able to stand by his truth and when he felt like he had to do something, he did it. So I tried to carry that with me.”

And, of course, The Circle‘s bonds are for life—meaning that the two still hang out outside of the game. 


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