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Watch Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Reunite on SNL

Live from New York, it’s another epic Kenan & Kel reunion!

Kel Mitchell made a cameo on Saturday Night Live Dec. 3, marking his first time on the NBC series. He appeared in a sketch with cast member Kenan Thompson, his former co-star on the hit Nickelodeon comedy, and guest host Keke Palmer.

In the skit, the three act in and offer a behind-the-scenes commentary about a mock Kenan & Kel reboot, a drama series titled Kenan & Kelly, which also incorporates the actress’ pregnancy. Keke had confirmed rumors she is expecting her first child with a bare baby bump reveal during her SNL monologue.

In the Kenan & Kelly sketch, Kel makes a dramatic entrance and an equally dramatic exit. “The show is not good,” Kenan deadpans in a confessional, before adding jokingly, “But Jordan Peele called us.”

Kel adds, “He wants us to do a sequel to Nope.”


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