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Travis Barker’s Son Landon Barker Shares His Struggles With Alcohol

There’s more than you know to Landon Barker.

The 20-year-son of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler shared that he was dealing with a “bad habit with alcohol” around the time his dad was hospitalized for pancreatitis in June 2022. As someone who “always struggled” with OCD, ADHD and anxiety, Landon said his drinking led him to disassociate from his body and undergo what he called “the most awful experience.”

“It kind of started with: I would drink, and then the day after, I would disassociate really bad, and that’s kind of how my habit of drinking a lot started,” he told People in an interview published Oct. 16. “It was like, oh, I’d feel better the second that I had a drink, and so yeah, it kind of just all started and it all kicked up really fast.”

However, getting a concussion prevented him from drinking, which exacerbated his mental health challenges and made Landon feel like he “just hated life for three or four months.” 


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