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TikToker Madeleine White Combines Her Viral Outfits Into One Look

Madeleine White is closing out the year on a fashion high. 

The TikToker recently reflected on her most notable looks from the past year, combining the pieces her most viral videos into a single statement outfit.

“So you know how Spotify does Spotify wrapped at the end of the year?” Madeleine said in her Dec. 12 video. “A highlight reel of your best work throughout the year? I thought what if we do it with clothes.”

She continued, “Let’s put on all of my most viral outfits from this year together.”

Madeleine kicked things off with a pair of boot leggings, from her Dec. 12 video, admitting as she tried them on that it already “feels like regret.” Nevertheless she continued her endeavor by adding more items showcased in her previous TikToks—such as a sparkly beaded top and a cut-out star skirt.

“I wish I could do every single viral product,” she shared. “Believe it or not I’m actually not that reckless with money, I do understand a return policy.”



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