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The Sweet Nickname Dakota Johnson Calls Stepfather Antonio Banderas

Some bonds last forever.

Antonio Banderas may no longer be married to Dakota Johnson‘s mother Melanie Griffith, but the two have maintained their stepfather-stepdaughter relationship over the years. The Puss in Boots star shared several of their sweet memories on the Dec. 13 episode of E! News, including the adorable nickname Dakota dubbed him.

“She called me ‘Paponio,” the 62-year-old told E! NewsFrancesca Amiker. “I am ‘Papi’ and ‘Antonio’ altogether, so she always called me ‘Paponio.'”

With the holidays fast approaching, Antonio shared that he and Dakota don’t have any upcoming plans to reunite, mainly because, “Dakota became a very busy person,” he said, “and she’s working all the time.”

In fact, Antonio said the last two times he met up with the Fifty Shades of Grey star were at film festivals. But there’s one event they both attended that holds a special place in his heart. In 2019, Dakota presented him with the Hollywood Actor Award for his role in Pain And Glory at the Hollywood Film Awards.


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