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The Most Surprising Celeb Transformations of the Year

You can’t stop the Hairspray Live! star’s determination.

Ballio has lost 150 pounds, “more than half” of what she once weighed, since 2020, the actress revealed in an interview with People in November, explaining her health journey began while she was filming Cinderella with Camila Cabello.

“I couldn’t keep up with the choreography,” Ballio shared. “I kept losing my breath. We’d have to start reshooting the scene over and over for me.”

Ballio credited her weight loss to walking during her free time—with 30 minute sessions slowly becoming two hours a day—practicing hot yoga and adopting a vegan diet. 

“I stepped on the scale, and that was inspiring to see that I had control over something,” she said, “that I had control over my body.”

For the Broadway star, seeing her “physical stamina” improve has been the most rewarding.

“I’m inspired by the changing mentality,” Ballio explained. “I wanna play my dream roles on Broadway that have nothing to do with my weight. And I definitely see it going that direction.”


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