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Summer House’s Lindsay Claims Carl Set Up On-Camera Breakup

Though she’s still confused by Carl’s decision, she assumes “people got in his ear” about their romance, adding, “It’s not normal to call off a wedding because you had a couple of arguments.”

Thankfully, Lindsay had the support of her costars—especially longtime BFF Danielle Olivera—in the wake of the heartbreak.

“She really has been so incredible in this entire process,” she shared of her friendship with Danielle. “I had a great time rebuilding my friendships with different girls in the house, and they were there for me throughout the summer. Whenever something happened with Carl, they were right there to validate me and give advice. It became a story about sisterhood.”

Lindsay’s new revelations come one week after her costar Kyle Cooke shared insight into Carl’s thought process before the split.

“It’s no secret that they’ve been in constant couple’s therapy ever since they basically started dating,” Kyle exclusively told E! News Oct. 25. “From my from my perspective, there were times where I was like, ‘Man, it’s almost like the only time they could communicate on any given week was in therapy.”

“It’s almost like they couldn’t even communicate anymore without a third party,” the Loverboy founder added, “and Carl was like, ‘That is not how I’m gonna spend the next 50 years of my life.”

Keep reading to relive Carl and Lindsay’s romance in happier times.


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