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Riley Strain’s Death Appears “Accidental,” Police Say

Riley Strain’s Death Appears “Accidental,” Police Say

Several more clues had led to the finding of Strain’s body, located eight miles upstream from where he was last seen. Surveillance video released by police March 12 showed him stumbling while crossing a street near the river 12 minutes after leaving the bar. In addition, his family tracked his last cellphone location to a location less than a mile from the venue and, police said March 15 they found his bank card at an embankment near the river.

Strain is survived by his parents, mother Michelle Whiteid and stepfather Chris Whiteid, father Robert Gilbert and stepmother Milli Gilbert, plus his sister Chelsea Strain and girlfriend Anna Pauly.

Following news of Strain’s death, his family appeared at a press conference. “I just ask that you mommas out there hug your babies tight tonight, please,” his mother said. “Please for me. Hug your babies tight tonight.”


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