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RHOSLC Stars Theorize Jen Shah Caused Heather Gay’s Black Eye

“I can’t fathom Meredith would do this, like there’s no way Meredith did it,” Lisa additionally chimed in. “So I’m like, ‘What happened with Jen and Heather?’ I mean, maybe Jen tried to suffocate Heather with her boobs and she pushed her off and things went bad. I don’t know. If it’s an accident, it’s an accident, just say it.”

Friend-of Angie Katsanevas expressed a similar statement, as she cited Jen’s strange behavior the next day. “I was watching Jen and she was very off,” she revealed. “She was very quiet. She just had a look that it’s not her normal energy and just really, she was not present, her mind was elsewhere. And I just thought, ‘She knows something, and they are not coming clean.'”


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