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Paris Hilton Shares TikTok Response to Man Who Alleged He “Robbed” Her

Greg then responded to her “duet” with one other TikTok, which exhibits him sporting the Christian Dior sun shades in what he known as a “STOLEN SUNGLASSES REVEAL.”

“Paris! Me so sorry. Me so sorry for robbing you,” he stated. “You recognize that you just requested for a sun shades reveal. You need to be part of the Sisterhood of the Touring Sun shades. I’ll fortunately give them again to you so long as you give them again to me. Kidding. No, you’ll be able to have them again. They’re yours.”

He continued, “I did break into your automobile and steal them from you. Once more, I am so sorry. I used to be a wild baby. Thanks for being such an excellent sport. I do not know if you’d like these again fashionably, like, is that this again? You inform me, style icon. However I am going to put on them this weekend out for certain, in honor of you not taking me to literal court docket. Kisses.”

Paris reposted his second TikTok into one other “duet,” Oct. 8, sporting the same pair of shades. “Omg, I bear in mind these sun shades,” she wrote. “They appear sizzling on you so you’ll be able to preserve them! PS: They NEVER went out of fashion #Sliving.”


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