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Pack Your Bags and Check Out These The White Lotus Secrets

In addition to the return of Tanya McQuoid, the second season of The White Lotus also featured the return of prosthetic penises. 

During a scene from the season’s first episode, Theo James, who plays cocky financier Cameron, showed off his massive extremity while changing into a swimsuit in full view of Harper (Aubrey Plaza), his best friend’s wife.

As it turns out, Theo also got some help.

“You go into these things and you have a conversation with the director and the producers and they go, ‘OK, for this, we’re going to use a prosthetic. We’re going to use something,'” the actor said on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Dec. 2. “And you say, ‘OK, that sounds good.'”

Theo insisted that he didn’t want the prosthetic to be “too distracting,” but as viewers know now, it was hard to talk about anything else after the episode aired.

“We get to set and [the make-up designer] has got like a hammer or something,” Theo joked. “I mean, it’s bigger than that. It’s like she stole it off a donkey in the field. I mean, the thing is ginormous.”

All things considered, not the worst problem to have.


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