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Myka Stauffer Said Her Child Was “Not Returnable” Before Rehoming Him

Myka Stauffer Said Her Child Was “Not Returnable” Before Rehoming Him

“In coming to know our clients we know they are a loving family and are very caring parents that would do anything for their children,” their legal team said in a statement published by People May 28, 2020. “Since his adoption, they consulted with multiple professionals in the healthcare and educational arenas in order to provide Huxley with the best possible treatment and care. Over time, the team of medical professionals advised our clients it might be best for Huxley to be placed with another family.”

The attorneys noted that Myka and James—who are also parents to KovaJakaRadley and Onyx—never considered putting Huxley in foster care, and that instead his new family was hand-selected, adding, “They were forced to make a difficult decision, but it is in fact, the right and loving thing to do for this child.”

One month later, Myka shared a lengthy statement to her Instagram profile apologizing for the situation—one which would ultimately become the page’s last post as the family has since stepped away from the public eye.  

“I want to first off apologize for the uproar and take full responsibility for all of the hurt that I have caused,” the YouTuber wrote on June 24. “This decision has caused so many people heart break and I’m sorry for letting down so many women that looked up to me as a mother.”


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