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Mood-Boosting Perfumes That Smell Like Sunshine

Mood-Boosting Perfumes That Smell Like Sunshine

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I’m a big believer in that the right scent can help set the right mood. Think of all the times you’ve entered a hotel or a spa and just felt instantly more relaxed. They likely had a candle or some type of fragrance that helped you feel that way.

And since you’re not a hotel, you’re a person (duh), spritzing on a scent is a little like setting an intention for how you want to be that day. That’s why I like to wear bright, citrus-y scents that smell like sunshine.

It’s been studied that citrus scents can have a positive, mood-boosting effect. As a beauty and fashion editor with a crazy inbox and a demanding schedule, I need all the positivity and mood-boosting that I can get!

I love my ever-expanding perfume wardrobe. I do not currently have a signature scent, but I do typically gravitate toward perfumes with notes of orange blossom, coconut milk, grapefruit, jasmine, bergamot, and vanilla, although I have been known to wear woody notes here and there.

In an effort to add more mood-boosting fragrances to my repertoire, I tested and compared three sunny scents below.

This is what I learned. 



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