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Mandy Moore Reveals What She Learned From Son Gus’ Health Struggle

He has developed quite the ear for music, though, with Mom and Dad’s songs featuring heavily into his bedtime routine. 

Gus is particularly partial to “All Your Favorite Bands,” a track Goldsmith, 38, sings with his folk rock band Dawes. “I think because it mentions french fries in the first line,” said Moore. “So he’s like, ‘French fries song.'”

Also on request is Moore’s “Four Moons.” (Fun fact: Goldsmith and a baby Gus appear in the music video, but the toddler is convinced it’s actually his little brother because “He thinks every baby is Ozzie,” said Moore.)

So, after their bedtime book, “We sing that to him every day and it’s very sweet,” said Moore. “Sometimes I’ll be listening through the wall, because our room is right next to Gus’ room, and I’ll hear my husband singing the song to him. And I’m like, we wrote that song together and now you’re singing it to our son.” 

A core memory she intends to hold onto the rest of her life, “I have to just imprint this on my brain,” she said, “so I can remember it when they get older.”


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