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Let’s Debate: Who Is the Better Boss on Emily in Paris?

Madeline is the better boss – Alyssa Ray

Looking for a controversial opinion? Well, we’ve got one for you: Madeline is the better boss on Emily in Paris.

Yes, we know Sylvie is the chicer of the two, but Madeline is a straight-forward boss who makes keen business decisions and mentors rising marketing mavens. Remember, it was Madeline who gave Emily the chance to head to the City of Lights for a once-in-a-lifetime work opportunity.

She never made Emily feel ridiculous for her out of the box social media pitches or unexpected collaborations, rather, she encouraged them. And while Madeline’s arrival in the Paris office was unwelcomed by Sylvie and the rest of the French staff, it was her job to snuff out bad deals and corruption, which all occurred under Sylvie’s leadership.

The moment that really cemented Madeline as Boss of the Year? In season three, episode three, she gave Emily her blessing when the ingénue decided to join Sylvie’s new company, Agence Grateau.


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