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How Southern Charm Addressed Olivia Flowers’ Brother’s Death

“I haven’t been able to go in his room, whereas my mom just wants to stay in it,” she told her friends while crying. “So, we’re all just on really different pages. He was just so thoughtful and sweet and kind, that’s what everyone’s been saying about him. I just hope he knew how loved he was.”

In her confessional, Olivia shared more about Conner’s final days.

“One of the last things he said to me was like, ‘You’re doing everything right, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be,'” the 31-year-old recounted, “‘and I hope you can look at me and be proud of me like I’m proud of you.'”

And despite their bitter breakup last year, Olivia admitted she found solace after Austen reached out with “kind and thoughtful” support amid the tragedy.

“Everyone stepped up in such a way that meant so much and having Austen step up is comforting,” she noted. “It’s hard to stay mad at someone who’s been through something similar. It just sucks that we have that in common, but it’s a common ground nonetheless.”

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