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How 90 Day Fiancé Taught Kenny & Armando to Embrace Love

“It really was the last minute that we knew my dad was going to show up,” Armando told E! News. “So, it was quite a surprise, a pleasant surprise. And since then, things went slow, but things have gotten a lot better.”

Marveling at how they’re “at a stage that I never, never thought in my life that we would be,” Armando, who shares 10-year-old Hannah with his late wife, revealed his parents often come over for family parties and even stay overnight. 

“Me and his dad have really become buddies,” added Kenny. “From the first time he met me, he wanted to punch me out, I think and we’ve really come a long way. We’re just a family now.” 

Having scaled right over the PDA hump, “We can touch and all that kind of stuff and they don’t bat an eye anymore,” Kenny continued. “He’s really comfortable around it, which is really nice to see.” 


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