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Gabby Windey Shares Why the “Door Is Open” to Dating Vinny Guadagnino

As luck would have it, Gabby is about to have the chance to spend more time with Vinny. The Bachelorette alum is hosting Dancing With the Stars Live 2023—which kicks off in National Harbor, Md. on Jan 6, 2023—and Vinny will be along on the road for select dates.

“I’m excited to see him again,” Gabby said. “Maybe he can buy me a drink! I don’t know, something.”

When asked point blank if that means the dating door is open, Gabby joked, “Yeah. The dating door is open for anybody. Vinny is just the most vocal!”

While Gabby and Vinny didn’t actually meet until their time on Dancing With the Stars, her Vinny fandom actually extends back years. 

“I feel like grew up on Jersey Shore,” Gabby revealed. “I moved to L.A. a couple summers ago and I saw Snooki at a bar and that was the first time that I actually fangirled. Jersey Shore has such a place in my heart.”

Gabby even theorized that a potential relationship with Vinny could bring her closer to going from fangirl-to-friend with Snooki (a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi) herself. 

“Vinny, come on,” Gabby joked, “make my dreams come true!”


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