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Breaking Down the Influencers Who Had Us Scrolling in 2022

The beauty-branded guru is no stranger to the YouTube world, with the 35-year-old joining the platform back in 2009. However, this year life for the content creator reached new heights, which included the success of her candle collection, FORVR Mood and the launch of her new lifestyle page, Lavishly Jackie.


And as Jackie explained, although makeup will always be her first love (she’s taken a brief step back from YouTube in recent months), the multi-hyphenate has more than enough room in her heart for so many other passion projects down the line, especially when it came to this year.


“Obviously, makeup is amazing, and it will always be one of my main passions, but it’s not the only thing that I love,” she told Refinery29 in October. “It was just nice to bring more of me to the table.”


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