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Bling Empire: New York Sneak Peek: Dorothy Wang Has Cab Issues

The Big Apple is bringing big glitz, big glamour and big challenges. 

In an exclusive sneak peek of Netflix’s Bling Empire: New York, which E! News can reveal premieres Jan. 20, 2023, Dorothy Wang finds that making her way through the concrete jungle comes with a steep learning curve.

For instance: The process of finding a cab. 

“Are you available?” she asks a potential driver in the clip. “Oh, your light’s off. Duh.”

OK, she’s learning!

Dorothy, who packed up for the East Coast at the end of the second season of Bling Empire, is still trying to find her way as the first season of the New York-based spinoff begins. 

“My move to New York is actually a lot harder on me than I thought,” she says in confessional. “I typically can handle a lot and I’m kind of like a one-woman show. I can usually do a lot.”

Unfortunately, this one-woman show wasn’t exactly met by a rapturous audience.

“The first two weeks I just cried a lot,” Dorothy admits. “Things were just a lot harder than in L.A..” 


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