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7 Couples Who Starred in Hallmark Channel Movies Together

Though they’ve been married sine 2008, Winter and Sanchez didn’t share the screen until 2019’s A Taste of Summer. And including their two children, Dylan and Sebella, was a major factor in their decision to work together for the first time.

“We had talked about if and when we were going to act together,” Winter told MediaVillage. “It had to be the right thing and something fun and cute that was a family affair, and that’s what this was like. Our son and daughter could join us, so they were on set and able to be a part of the experience. That was important and a big part of the decision. The Hallmark audience is a great fan base and very supportive, so it all just felt like the right fit.”

While Winter had previously starred in four films for the network, Sanchez made her Hallmark debut in the summer flick. 

“For me, this was my first Hallmark movie, and it was more about the first time doing something together, and if we are going to, let’s do something suitable for our daughter to watch,” Sanchez explained. “With Hallmark, everyone knows that they are positive feel-good movies, clean and very beautiful. We never really planned on acting together unless it was something very special. We’d talked about producing more than anything, as we both have independent careers. Then this came along and we thought, ‘You know what? This would be something to sit down and watch as a family without freaking out that the material wouldn’t be suitable.'”


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