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14 Essentials For Celebrating The Festival of Sleep in Comfy Style

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Happy New Year, everyone! How are we feeling? Tired? Exhausted? Whatever the opposite of re-energized is? It’s understandable. The post-holiday crash is so real.

All of the traveling, wining, dining, and partying we’ve enjoyed over the last few months, that returning to the office moment can feel a little bleak. All any of us want is another day to stretch out, cozy up, and have five more minutes to sleep.

Enter: Our new favorite “smalliday.” The Festival of Sleep, as it’s known, is primarily celebrated in the United Kingdom, but it’s made its way across the pond in recent years. And for good reason! It honors all things sleeping, dozing, snoozing, napping, and all-around relaxing. 

I happen to love the detail that it’s not January 1, nor even January 2. It’s literally January 3, which is traditionally the first day back in-office for many. And instead, it encourages us to call out, curl up, and just get some good old-fashioned rest for a change.

With no further ado, here are 14 pajamas, blankets, eye masks, and more designed to make your Festival of Sleep as rejuvenating as possible:


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