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13 Best Sandals For Flat Feet That Don’t Just Look Like Old Lady Shoes

13 Best Sandals For Flat Feet That Don’t Just Look Like Old Lady Shoes

What to Look for When Shopping for Sandals for Flat Feet

Everyone’s feet are different in size & shape, so one shopper’s perfect, Cinderella-worthy shoe may very well be another shopper’s blistering nightmare. With that being said, there are a few key metrics you can look for while browsing through sandals to find your metaphorical glass slipper. The primary rule of thumb is to search for orthopedic shoes, which are medically designed to help support and naturally cushion the contours of your feet. However, in the case that this attribute isn’t evidently noted, there are some other cues you can rely on to help you discern whether a sandal will be comfortable for your flat feet.

Brand: When you’re not sure about a specific shoe, it can help to learn more about the shoe’s brand as a whole, as the measurement standards used are likely to be similar. Some brands are known to generally carry shoes that are orthopedic and/or supportive for flat feet, including Oofos, OluKai, Aetrex, and Dr. Scholl’s.

Material: The material that’s used to construct the sandal — specifically, its footbed or insole — is an important factor, as it largely determines how cushioned and supported your feet will feel over longer periods of time. This is especially so when it comes to contoured footbeds that directly carry the weight and impact from your feet & moving body while maintaining the shape of your foot’s arch. As such, sandals with footbeds that offer soft, bouncy cushioning and durable arch support will help keep your feet secure and comfortable for longer periods of time. Some popular brands that are known for their comfortable fit are Birkenstock, Reef, Vionic, and Orthofeet.

Design: While this last point may seem relatively straightforward (and somewhat repetitive), we can’t stress enough the difference that a well-designed footbed can make when it comes to long-term comfort. That’s why we’re such big fans of orthopedic shoes, as they’re designed with anatomically correct footbeds and thus offer unrivaled arch support, stability, and cushioning. Some brands with orthopedic sandals that have earned high praises from shoppers include Orthofeet, Aetrex, Vionic, and Clarks.


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